SG BlogHub Update! 21 April 2012

New blogs were added! Click on main blogs (at the top left corner) to find out! If you have a blog, why wait any longer? Join SG BlogHub now!

SG BlogHub will now post useful information relating to blogging! For example, how to increase blogviews? How should a blog layout be to suit your blogging style? and more! Thanks for using SG BlogHub!

If you have any enquiries, feel free to drop us an email at

SG BlogHub update (17 April 2011)

Hi SG Bloggers! As of now, we have 9 new blogs added to SG BlogHub! by shecareen, a personal blog with lots of photos!, a site dedicated to peetniss (combination of Peeta and Katniss), a tumblr fansite regarding the two main characters of The Hunger Games! (nice movie btw) a personal blog in tumblr format! a couple blog! more of an informational blog for tuition purposes! a blogshop selling plushies! A dedicated blog which has been on SG BlogHub since few years back! Welcome back! a blog by shirley-yanyan! a personal blog with many photos! a blogshop selling customised totebags!

Thank you all for joining SG BlogHub!

How Do I Activate RSS Feeds for My Blog?

If you use a Blogger account,

In Blogger go into your Settings, then choose Site Feed. 
In the pulldown to the right of Allow Blog Feeds, choose full or short. 

If you use a Wordpress account,

RSS feed is automatically created!

If you use a Tumblr account,

You might want to add "rss" behind your URL. So your blog link looks something like that: ""

Alternatively, you can use Feedburner to create a feed!

You can also put your blog through Feedburner, in which case you will need to give the feedburner URL for your RSS feed in the next area. Feedburner will give you information about who's subscribing to your blog.


Hello to all Singaporean Bloggers! Those who have been with us all this while, and new bloggers who chance upon this site!

Firstly. a big thank you to you for supporting SG BlogHub!
This is to inform you that SG BlogHub has undergone a major revamp!

We have switched to a new form submission system! You will be able to select up to THREE categories to place your blog in. The categories are on the top left hand side of this blog under PAGES.

Each of these pages has its own list of blog links! This list is auto-updated! This means that whenever you post a new blog post, your bloglink gets automatically pushed to the TOP, therefore increasing your blog's visibility! You can also submit your friend's blogs here as well, or any other interesting Singaporean Blogs! However, please ACTIVATE RSS FEEDS for your blog! This will enable the auto-updating on our lists! If you need help with creating a feed, CLICK HERE!

Once again, we would like to stress that SG BlogHub is EXCLUSIVELY for Singaporean Blogs ONLY! 

Lastly, remember to add our logo to your blog to increase our web presence and to help us achieve higher numbers of SG Blogs here! Having more blogs here will increase everyone's blogviews.


From the Editors

Thank you for joining SG Blog Hub!

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Do be reminded that you have to add the SG BlogHub Logo to your blog. This is to help us grow the SG BlogHub Community! The more bloggers using SG BlogHub, the more viewers you are likely to get whenever you update your blog!
The code for the logo can be found here!

You will be informed through an email notification which will be sent to confirm the addition of your link on SG Blog Hub or a tag in the tagboard of your blog.

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