How to Increase Blog Views: Chapter 1

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Welcome to SG BlogHub's: How to Increase Blog Views: Chapter 1

1. Post Intelligently
Know and own your content. Many blog writers have the tendency to write whatever flashes in their mind while others categorize their posts. I would suggest to make a first draft of what you want to write and that must be done on paper. Once you have drafted your post, start typing. Upon completion, add your post to the right category. It is also essential to determine when to post what. For example, on Labor Day, it would not be ideal to write a post on Independence Day because on this particular day, the majority of the world population would be more keen to search for Labor Day. Add quality content though. It’s a trick of the mind!

2. Get your blog noticed !
This is one of the easiest and simplest way to stir your blog views for around 1000 and above per day. Promoting facilitate viewers to come across your blog. That is, get your blog noticed in this virtual world! Use social networking sites, for example Facebook and Twitter, to share your updates.

3. Blog Subscription
If a viewer happen to like your blog content, they will probably bookmark your site and will become a regular visitor. To retain such viewers, the blog subscription option will keep them inform of all new post in your blogs once they subscribed. Place the blog subscription option on the top side bar of your blog with a brief note that viewers will be notified upon publishing of new posts. This will ensure the rise of your blog views.

4. Maximize interactivity in your blog
I love to suggest this to all blog writers. I would entitle this suggestion as comment management. Whenever you receive a comment from a viewer, filter the comment on the spot! Don’t delay. That is, decide whether you want to trash it or approve it. Once you approve it, take the time to reply them or add a word of thank for the comment. This shows to the viewers that your blog is active. Further, use polls and chat options to make your blog interactive and to bridge communication among viewers. It will be a real platform for debates. Of course, keep monitoring the options.

5. Tag your content
I don’t have to write much on this one because it is the easiest. Always tag your content before you publish your post. Tagging must be done smartly. Use essential keywords to get your post noticed and to optimize it in search engines.

6.Excerpts in RSS Feeds
This is an option which allow your content to get noticed in its summarized form. However, you can also place a full RSS Feeds for your contents. The choice is yours. The options are there, so simply use them.

Once again, those tips are courtesy of SG BlogHub does not claim credit for those tips. Do you have any of your own techniques for increasing blogviews? Feel free to comment below!

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